Picadilly Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture farm, or CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a vibrant movement of small-scale farmers and local consumers joining forces. In essence, consumer “shareholders” purchase shares of their farm’s harvest in advance of the growing season. The advance purchase gives farmers more financial security, as well as resources to grow the best crops possible each season. The advance purchase gives local consumers a good deal on fresh, locally grown produce they receive from a farm they come to know. At Picadilly Farm, the logistics are simple: your household becomes a shareholder in our farm by filling out a sign up form and sending along a deposit. Then we fill our greenhouse and farm fields with crops grown specifically for you shareholders, harvested fresh each week at their peak of ripeness. By choosing to participate in Picadilly Farm CSA, committed shareholders guarantee sales ahead of the harvest, allowing Jenny, Bruce and our farm crew more freedom to focus on producing high quality food. Your advance share payments provide funds to purchase seeds and growing supplies in the spring, when we most need them. In exchange for this commitment at a reasonable price, you get to enjoy produce that is of exceptional taste and freshness, and you will also enjoy knowing just how your produce dollars are supporting a New England family farm. While the Picadilly farmers bring over a decade of growing experience to our CSA, every season’s harvest will vary, just as the weather varies.

Part of the joy, and risk, of being a Picadilly shareholder is joining with Jenny and Bruce in weathering the ups and downs of a New England growing season. Over our years of experience with Community Supported Agriculture, we have learned there are additional benefits that emerge from farm and community partnership.  For just as community supports agriculture, agriculture also supports community. In an arrangement that makes local agriculture viable, we also ensure that farms can exist in the places we live, where we can visit, enjoy, recreate, participate, remember, and more. With less focus on just the bottom line, farmers like us can translate your commitment into better land stewardship and more sustainable practices. We get to grow food for friends and neighbors. Our local economy becomes more durable, resilient, and personal. Join us!