Frequently Asked Questions about Picadilly Farm Shares

What if I miss my share pick up? Missed shares cannot be picked up in future weeks. If you know in advance that you are unable to pick up your share in any given week, you may certainly send a friend or neighbor to the farm or pick up site in your place. If you are unexpectedly unable to get your share, do contact your pick up site host, as they may be able to hold onto your share for a day or so. Know that the farm’s harvest is never wasted – twice a week, the surplus from our  harvest is donated to the Winchester food pantry and The Community Kitchen in Keene. At our off-farm pick up sites, the hosts also donate any leftovers to neighbors in need.

Can I have a Mix-and-Match share if I pick up off the farm? We send a pre-packed box to shareholders at off-farm pick up sites. Of course, off-farm shareholders are welcome to pick up a Mix and Match share at the farm, and to harvest from the Pick Your Own garden, whenever life allows.

Can I come to the farm for Pick-Your-Own crops if I usually pick up off the farm? Yes! In any week, you may come to the farm for the PYO. We generally "staff" the farm when our local CSA shop is open - Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-7pm, and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. We know that some of you live a distance away - just email or call the farm if you are coming at a different time, and we can tell you how it works.

Can we share a share with a second household? f your share is pre-boxed and delivered to one of our pick-up sites of the farm, splitting the contents of your box has no impact on the farm, as long as everyone who ends up participating in the share pickup has been introduced to the established systems of which box to take, and where put empty box returns.

If you pick up at the farm, please consider having your own share. We have designed our system for share pick-up at the farm with one household in mind for each share, and we prefer that each household with two adults (or more) buy their own share. We realize that there may be reasons to share a share – single person households, or shareholders who travel a lot, for instance. If you do share a share among multiple households, please do so with attention the impact of two on a system designed for one, as well as the following reminder: we expect that shareholders take their entire weekly share in one visit to the farm – please do not come to the farm and take a partial or “half” share, leaving another half for your share partner to pick up at another time. Please come to the farm with your share partner, alternate pick-up weeks, or split the share at home.