Our farm includes a small livestock operation. The animals live well here, with no comparison to today’s feedlot norms. They have room to move in the fresh air, to express their natural behaviors, and are feed organically. This season marks our eighth year of raising spring piglets. Tucked in a paddock up against the woods, the pigs live on our wash barn compost, spoiled produce and antibiotic-free, certified-organic grain. Pork is available in the fall, by the half or whole animal - we sell out early, so contact us in spring for this season's pork. In 2015, we're trying our hands at raising some Thanksgiving turkeys in the grassy area behind the Pick-Your-Own garden that we call the Hollow - check back with us in the fall for turkeys. The farm kids are raising some rabbits, ducks and cats, as pets. And with the help of a local beekeeper, Stephen Brackett, we keep honeybees on the farm. The role of the bees is for crop pollination, and perhaps Steve will have a honey crop for sale this season.