While we are no longer raising laying hens at Picadilly Farm, we are working with our neighbors, Olivia Pettengill & Susie Parke-Sutherland at Wingate Farm, to provide Picadilly Farm shareholders with eggs from their pasture-raised, organically-fed hens. Their flock of Golden Comet hens is raised on pasture, where they can enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and all the bugs they can eat. This bug diet is supplemented with 100% certified organic feed from Green Mountain Feeds, a family-owned Vermont company. At night, the hens reside in a mobile, open-floored coop that allows their manure to fall through and fertilize the soils beneath. This symbiotic process not only keeps the hens happy and healthy, but also contributes to keeping the farm soils happy and healthy.

Picadilly CSA shareholders who pick up in eastern Massachusetts can supplement their produce share with a weekly egg share. The egg share comes as a half-dozen eggs per week, for 22 weeks, and costs $82.50. Shareholders are welcome to sign up for multiple egg shares. Please note, the egg shares run for 22 weeks, while the produce harvest is delivered for 23 weeks. This is intentional, to allow for the natural fluctuations in production the whole flock can experience, dependent on heat, cold or other factors that the farmers cannot control.

Picadilly CSA shareholders who pick up at the farm can purchase Wingate Farm eggs from our cooler. Olivia and Susie are young, enthusiastic farmers, and we’re happy to support and collaborate with them!